Petroleum vs. AMSOIL


 AMSOIL is derived from the world’s most advanced chemically engineered synthetic base stock.

AMSOIL has extremely high film strength. Film strength refers to the amount of pressure it takes to squeeze the lubricant out from between two flat pieces of steel. Petroleum oil ranges from 250 psi to 550 psi in film strength. AMSOIL’s film strength is over 3250 psi, and there is no place within a normal internal combustion engine that reaches over 1100 psi. Therefore, the entire inside of the engine “floats” on a film of AMSOIL at all times. This is the reason why AMSOIL users experience an average increase in gas mileage of 8%, and a 6% boost in horsepower.

AMSOIL is by nature, a high detergent lubricant. It has been specifically formulated for high detergency without using detergent additives that quickly break down and wear out. This is possible because of the chemical makeup of AMSOIL. As a result, AMSOIL has the ability to remove tar, sludge, varnish and other deposits from the inside of the crankcase, leaving wear surfaces mirror clean. Gum and varnish are the causes of the following problems in engines:

  • Gummy Rings – the MAIN reason why engines burn oil.
  • Sticky Lifters – may cause clattering and burned valves.
  • Varnish Glazed piston walls increases oil consumption.

AMSOIL’s extremely high detergency will eliminate the above problems.

With petroleum oil in the engine, 90% of the internal contamination comes from the oil. This is because of the chemical reactions within the engine’s crankcase between petroleum oil and various by-products of combustion, including sulfur, heat, and water. AMSOIL is not susceptible to these chemical reactions in the crankcase. AMSOIL is 100% saturated. This means that it is made up entirely of tightly bonded molecules that are extremely difficult to break apart. Petroleum oils are less than 55% saturated, often less than 50%. This means that half of every quart of oil you put in your engine is unsaturated, or loosely bonded molecules of hydrocarbons. It is not the saturated part of petroleum that causes difficulties; it is the half that’s unsaturated or loosely bonded hydrocarbons.

Today’s petroleum oils perform well for two to three thousand miles. AMSOIL guarantees their oil for 25,000 miles or one year for gasoline applications.

Why 25,000 miles? In laboratory test, the first signs of non-exterior dirt show up sometimes after 30,000 miles. 25,000 miles is therefore a conservative figure. Samples of oil can be sent to any testing laboratory for analysis should a user feel uneasy about extended service.

AMSOIL exceeds all automobile and truck warranty requirements for both gasoline and diesel engines.

AMSOIL was the first synthetic oil approved by the American Petroleum Institution in 1972. AMSOIL is still producing the best lubricating oils in the world.